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Phases rehab Version 3.1 and Dr Steve Yeomans QFCE add-on CD are still available for a discounted sale until our new version is released.

$249.99 for Phases Rehab
$ 49.99 for QFCE CD
$279.99 for Both!
(US Funds)




Current Version is compatible only with Windows XP

Please note that we do not  support  V3.1 on VISTA / WINDOWS 7

             NEW UPGRADES  and   MAC  Version  -  COMING SOON      




  • Enhance your professional image
  • Increase third party payors by documenting active care
  • Increase client compliance with handouts they can easily understand

     Vista / Windows 7 Compatibility
The Windows Vista  and Windows 7 operating systems recently released by Microsoft will impact some aspects of your Phases rehab functionality, namely saving ,edited exercise text  and  backup/restore . We do not recommend Phases rehab on these operating systems and at this time we are not able to provide technical support.


Phases rehab is the most effective patient home-care exercise tool I have seen. Phases rehab is a simple yet versatile home-care exercise program. I use it daily to reinforce the importance of patient involvement in any treatment plan.

Dr. John Vargo, DC


Tel: (1-800) - 231 - 0518