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Phases rehab Version 3.1 and Dr Steve Yeomans QFCE add-on CD are still available for a discounted sale until our new version is released.

$249.99 for Phases Rehab
$ 49.99 for QFCE CD
$279.99 for Both!
(US Funds)




Current Version is compatible only with Windows XP

Please note that we do not  support  V3.1 on VISTA / WINDOWS 7 / WINDOWS 8

             NEW UPGRADES  and   MAC  Version  -  COMING SOON      




  • Enhance your professional image
  • Increase third party payors by documenting active care
  • Increase client compliance with handouts they can easily understand

     Vista / Windows 7 / 8 Compatibility
The Windows Vista  and Windows 7/8 operating systems released by Microsoft will impact some aspects of your Phases rehab functionality, namely saving ,edited exercise text  and  backup/restore . We do not recommend Phases rehab on these operating systems and at this time we are not able to provide technical support. NOTE: Some users have been running Phases Rehab using XP compatability mode but saving data is unstable. Please back up your software folder contaning the data.mdb file manually to help prevent data loss. Do not use the backup/ restore commands within the program. To do a manual backup, you simply copy and paste the phases folder elswhere.


Phases rehab is the most effective patient home-care exercise tool I have seen. Phases rehab is a simple yet versatile home-care exercise program. I use it daily to reinforce the importance of patient involvement in any treatment plan.

Dr. John Vargo, DC


Tel: (1-800) - 231 - 0518